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Course Offerings

All Classes and Mentoring Sessions are provided as either small group or private settings and are schedule as requested.

Call 910.599.5120 or email to schedule your Class or Mentorship Session.

Reiki Levels I & II

Level 1 is an introduction to the unlimited benefits of Reiki - an initiation into reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy.

Reiki Level II is all about the “hidden inner teachings,“ focusing on your mental and emotional side. This means you gradually receive access to higher vibration levels and, therefore, a more potent energy flow. Students also receive their first 3 symbols during this level. Students are expected to use these symbols to bring the universal energy of reiki into their everyday lives in more practical ways. 

What's Included in level I

Introduction to Reiki

History of Reiki

How to Approach Self-Healing

Elements of Reiki Energetic System

Receive 2 Attunements

Practice Self-Healing

Practice Reiki on Others


What is Included in level II

Level I plus..

Receive 2 Additional Atunements

Level II Symbols and their Uses

Practice Reiki using Byosen Scanning

Basic of Chakra System

Heart Coherence Technique

Business Practices & Marketing Ideas


Reiki Level I  - $175.00

Reiki Level II - $250.00

Combined I & II - $400.00


Private Class is $50 add on per class unless I & II booked and paid together in which case there is a single private add on of $50.00 

Reiki Level I Student practicing Reiki
Reiki Level II - Reiki Energy in the Aura

What's Included in level III

The Master Practitioner

Attunements to Deepen Connection

Usui & Tibetan Master Symbols

Working with the Chakras & the Biofield

Create a Crystal Grid

Learn to Facilitate Reiki Circles


What is Included in level IV

The Master Teacher

Review of Level II Reiki

2 Additional Attunements

Learn 3 Attunement Methods

Attuning Children/Animals/Crystals

Includes 1 Post Training Mentoring


Reiki Level III  - $325.00

Reiki Level IV -  $450.00

Combined III & IV - $700.00


Private Class is $50 add on per class unless III & IV booked and paid together in which case there is a single private add on of $50.00 

Woman Meditating

Meditation Coach - $125.00

Meditation Coach Certification

Do you want to teach people to meditate, or lead guided meditations? Meditation has a history that goes back thousands of years and is an integral part of any health and wellness plan. From helping clients deal with stress to supporting them in the achievement of their goals, there are limitless professional applications of guided meditation.

Healers that integrate meditation with other modalities say their clients heal faster, reduce stress, are happier, and have greater spiritual experiences. 

What's Included in the Meditation Coach Certification Course

Introduction and History of Meditation

Different Types of Meditations

Techniques of Guided Meditations

How to Coach Clients to Utilize Meditation Effectively

Integrating Meditation with an Existing Modality

Lead a Guided Meditation


Jody Butler, Reiki Master Teacher

Mentoring Session - $180.00

Reiki & Meditation Mentoring are available to support you in strengthening your personal Reiki or meditation practice and bringing Reiki/Meditation into your everyday life as well as sharing Reiki/Meditation with others either personally or through public practice.

Sessions are 90 minutes and include a 30 minute Reiki Treatment.  Sessions are predominantly by phone or zoom/video.  Local in person may be available, please inquire.

Reiki & Meditation Mentoring Sessions with Jody

Benefits of Mentorship

Deepen your daily self practice

Feel supported as you step out into sharing reiki/meditation publicly

Address a particular medical or life challenge

Overcoming blocks, fears, challenges

Expand your Reiki/Meditation practice from personal to professional

Grow your Reiki/Meditation business

90 Minute Session

With the Reiki Master Practitioner attunement you will experience a significant increase in your healing energy flow, higher vibrations and personal growth. Your self treatments, treatments for others near and far become more effective. At master level, the energy is of an extremely fine vibration, moving into the spiritual aspect of your being. This will continue to unfold slowly over several years if you continue to work on yourself with the goal of spiritual evolution. Becoming a Reiki Master opens up to you, the full power and beauty of Reiki healing energy. As such, you should not take this step lightly. It is a transitional step from practicing to becoming Reiki and with that comes responsibility and commitment.​

The Master Teacher of Reiki certification is for practitioners who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills to the highest level, and qualifies them to teach Reiki workshops and certify Reiki practitioners at various levels.

Master Reiki Levels III & IV 

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